Nguni Hides

We have a very select and beautiful Nguni Hide collection. Our hides have been sought after world wide and are chrome tanned which gives them a quality soft finish. We only trade in spectacular hides. Please contact us for latest stock and colour combination that you seek.

A few tips with Nguni Hides


Chrome tanned hides smell a little like a leather jacket, be sure to buy hides that have not been cured by drying in the sun which makes the fats go rancid and give a rank odour!

Taking care of your hide:

Turn your hide monthly to avoid curling as a result of scuffing. Should you find that an end has curled up due to scuffing, wet the hide so it is just damp and place something heavy on top. Leave it overnight, it will straighten out. To clean your hide and remove marks from red wine, filter coffee etc use sunlight dishwashing liquid in warm water and sponge off the area that is marked. Hang the hide over a chair to dry.