Nguni Cattle

We have a small herd of Nguni cattle. We selected Nguini as a breed given our farming system and location,their fertility, hardiness, wonderful temperaments, vibrant colours and of course their story; they are proudly South African animals.

We are in a severe Red Water and Heartwater area so Nguni cattle and Zulu sheep are our obvious breed choice. Our stud was registered with the South African Nguni Breeder's Society in May 2007 Nearly all have been purchased from KZN Nguni Club auctions.

Our objectives with the Nguni is to breed true to type animals and use them in our small-scale agro-ecological farming system. The manure from the cattle is used on our orchards, in our cropping systems and for biogas. Our animals all interact with each other and with ourselves and despite destroying the garden when they get the chance we all live in harmony.

Our cattle are named, as is common in Zulu culture although few of our names are linked to patterns but rather personality and intentions. Breeding these remarkable landrace animals is full of excitement and wonders because apart from the traits you never know what patterns and colours you will get.

Their unique patterns are landscapes in themselves and having had the animals for some years now it is easy to understand how these animals were central to the life of the Zulu people and inspired many praise songs and poetry. If you have a deeper interest in Nguni cattle a recent and useful starting reference is the book The Abundant Herds - Fernwood Press 2003. From time to time we have surplus animals for sale please contact us.