Pop-up eating activities opened.
Short courses on cheese, pasta and breed making were held.
Exhibited at the Royal Show PMB; Zulu Sheep for the 4th year, Kolbroek pigs for the 2nd year and showed Buff Orpingtons, Venda fowls, Sebright Bantams and Turkeys (Beltsville White and Amercian Mammoth Bronze)
Intle an Nguni cow gave birth to twin bulls
Awarded the Heritage Awards in the DSTV Eat Out Awards
Recognised by the University of Gastronomic Science Italy as a Learning Centre.

August 2009

Plans for a seed store are underway using part of an existing structure. The seed store will incorporate elements of traditional knowledge from Southern Africa in seed keeping techniques mixed with a bit of science . The seed store will house active collections of seed; mainly traditional varieties, and have facilities for storing seed tubers, grains (maize, sorghum and millet)
Biogas starts producing, gas for cooking and heating -a 4500l recycled plastic tank to which fresh cow manure and grey water is added.
Slow Food Italy visits the farm

July 2009

Traditional Health Practitioners visit Enaleni to look at medicinal plants and endangered plants, Zulu livestock, agroecological farming and food processing.
Fodder oats ploanted as a green cover crop, direct planting of maize will follow.

June 2009

Harvested GMO-free soyabeans, jugo beans, fox tail millet, traditional Zulu maize and yellow maize, pumpkins, butternut.

May 2009

Endangered Zulu sheep exhibited at Pietermaritzburg Royal Show with the Agricultural Research Council.
New Sea Bright Bantams: Silver, Cinnamon and Golden.
Masters Students from UKZN stay at Enaleni for 3 days.
Pinetown Garden Club visit the farm with a specific interest in the orchid productions.
Farmers from Msinga and Tukela visit the farm with an interest in farming systems and landrace animals.

February 2009

Spanish Ass we have called Gundagunda Mercedes collected for animal traction.
JVC and farmers from Limpopo Province visit the farm.

October 2008

Ground Up vol 4. No.21.- A Pelum publication promoting sustainable community development Publish article on Zulu Sheep

August 2008

Farmers Weekly Article August 2008

May 2008

Endangered Traditional Zulu Sheep exhibited at the Pietermaritzburg Royal Show with the Agricultural Research Council.
Chicken thief caught, a female Lynx / Caracal / Rooi Kat darted and relocated to Mkuzi National Park by SPCA Over a few weeks we lost 5 old fashioned poultry, Braham hens and a Sussex rooster. After a few days without success we caught the thief in a borrowed dog trap with live bait. We liked the idea of sharing territory with a Lynx but they are well known to eat lambs so we decided to have her relocated. The Lynx was darted by the SPCA and transported to Mkuze National Park.
Harvested 4.8kg of non-genetically modified Soya Beans from 150g of seed material.
Traditional jugo beans/ bambara round nuts (izindlubu) eaten by resident porcupines.
Enaleni Farm Nguni Stud registered with Nguni Society of South Africa.
Harvesting honey with friends (Kyle Humble) in the school holidays.

November 2007

New pastures germinated, orchid house roof erected, Vandas starting to flower. Planting of endangered trees (Black Stinkwoods and Pepper barks) has started.

April 2007

During April we took ownership of Enaleni and started to remove alien vegetation like Black Wattle and Lantana. Dreams, plans, more plans, more dreams realistic, unrealistic, agreements, disagreements we experienced them all.

January 2004

The Start of Enaleni
Ground turning and the purchase of Livestock